Russia Never did This.

"Well humans, today marks andoyhert rhnf yoyyhr yrst snfoyhrt onrup on yhr bih bosatf. lryd hry domr aplejuice..."

A popular quote from the diary of the one and only Catherine the Great, who up until 1995 was almost always aknowledged as - subpar. Her diary consisted of many entries such as this, as well as an assortment of cooking tips and how to shape a roast beef into a fancy carriage. She always did make the best roast beef. Though i haven't had one in a while, come to think of it i haven't heard from Catherine in some time either. I better notify the authorities...if only i could figure out how to phone-out on my pager. Nevermind 'dancing with an equestrian jacques cousteau dog look alike contest' is on in seven...

I couldn't locate an image of Catherine the Great, so i thought this one of Katherine Gottleib would suffice.

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